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Color Picker Pro lets you get the color of any pixel on your screen. It uses a zoom window to let you ensure you're dropping the right pixel. It works with multiple monitors. You can download the app for free at

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Abelardo Gonzalez

I've been using the Digital Color Meter(comes with MacOS), though, this has a few extra features I'm sure I'd like...

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Edward Rudd

ooh, nice find. I myself usually use digital color meter as well, but find the interface somewhat "wonky". This was has nicely labeled shortcut keys:)..

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Jared Brown

Enjoy ;)

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Sarah McAleer

Color Schemer Studio has an eye drop tool that let's ya pick colors off your screen too.

Color Picker Pro doesn't work on my mac cause my mac is old as &#(&


the picker far left bottom:

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