Posted about 5 years ago

18 days ago, Codiqa launched, and I missed it. But, from what I've tried of it so far, this is a great jQuery mobile prototype builder. Cheap plans, and you can use it from jQuery mobile's website also. It reminds me of using Ares (the palm GUI builder for webOS apps) to some extent.

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John ⁣

I hate companies that take that advantage missed technical information that make people think that this will build a native app and run cross platform when it isn't true. I also think you can find some good javascript programmer that can build you a webapp for less money overall.

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Abelardo Gonzalez

free or $10/mo is pretty cheap for this service that does not claim to make native applications.

However, It can create the interfaces for native apps when paired with Titanium.

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John ⁣

I am not seeing a free plan I only see a $10/mo and $30/mo plan and I know it isn't native apps but just having those badges can confuse missed informed people that are not very technical.

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Melanie Archer

I've worked with designers who have been treating the jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile project sites as shopping catalogs: "I'll take one of those date pickers, and, yeah, a slider..." The old problem of drag-drop-not-so-WYSIWYG app builders seems nearly resolved by this project: users have a limited set of options.

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