Posted about 5 years ago

"Adobe has released Flash Player 11.2 and has decided it’s high time the once-ubiquitous browser plug-in started earning the company a bit of money. Starting Aug. 1, 2012, Adobe will begin taking a 9 percent cut of game developers’ net revenue over $50,000."

Which should create an even faster demise for Flash, providing a big motivation for successful Flash game developers to move to Javascript.

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John ⁣

This is kinda stupid, just compile it with flash 11, and get around that. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave right now.

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Jared Brown

I wonder if Adobe is just taking the chance of experimenting with new business models knowing that they can't drive more of a stake through Flash then has already been done. It looks from afar that Adobe is jealous of Apple's deal with its developers to get a percentage or profits.

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