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Fireworks isn't going to become more popular than Photoshop any time soon but that doesn't keep it from being more powerful for certain tasks. It's a favorite tool among many designers. This article is a great primer because it runs through how to do many of the common things that UI and icon designers would use it for. You can see how easy it is to do paths, gradients, control stroke, etc. If you've been wanting to try a different image editing app check out this post.

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Josh Humble

Nice to see this, though I've always been happy working in PS. With all the focus going towards CSS3 grads, border-radius, etc., I don't really see the value of creating these kinds of graphics (the examples shown) in any imaging program anymore, though.

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Jared Brown

Josh, I tend to agree, CSS3 is where time should be spent. I'd be more interested it could save the image out as CSS3. That'd be great. But for complex UI elements or mobile app graphics Fireworks is worth checking out.

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