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Jared Brown

I'm really interested in project management methods and tools right now so when I saw this post I read it immediately. Thanks for sharing.

The idea of a work in progress limit struck me as very important. I think more projects should enforce this sort of limit.

The quality checks on soon to be pushed code is another fantastic idea. It's so simple sounding, but most people do not have a system like this in place from my experience.

almost 5 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  
Melanie Archer

One of the project trackers--maybe it's Pivotal?--enforces the work-in-progress limit really well: each developer may have only one task marked "In Progress." I really liked the focus that resulted!

almost 5 years ago   Like_icon 0 likes  
Jared Brown

If Pivotal does support that I'm not familiar with it. Pivotal is the tool of choice for me.

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