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Melanie Archer

I'd read somewhere about the running--but not the Olympic stature!

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Sarah McAleer

I like how the NEXT button on this article's page is really big. :) Man Turing's life is eye-opening.

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Jared Brown

Yea, it's a fascinating biography of a man who had a profound influence on the field of computers. When I saw the article yesterday I thought it was a great link to share since we can all most likely learn something from it and improve.

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Dave Everitt

Interesting that the certainties of computing (which we now take for granted) that arose from Turing's universal machine came about concurrently—and in relation to—Gödel's incompleteness theorems about the uncertainties lurking beneath mathematical models. I'm fascinated by Turing, and in the UK there have been a number of watchable TV documentaries (including the excellent Dangerous Knowledge that also covers the remarkable Cantor, with Gödel and Boltzmann) celebrating his achievements. It's a pity the UK's restrictive secrecy policies kept the 'father of computing' in the shade for so long.

Being a wannabe mathematician (no, I never made it!) I'm captivated by the pure abstractions of a discipline that can have such a radical impact on entire civilizations.

One further thing, the article failed to mention Turing's collaborator, acknowledged mathematical equal, friend and temporary (given that he was gay but this was in the dark ages) fiancé Joan Clarke.

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Jared Brown

As always, very well put Dave. Thanks for the incredible links. I'll be watching those this week!

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