Posted almost 5 years ago

VIM Clutch is a hardware pedal for improved text editing speed for users of the magnificent VIM text editor (1, 2). When the pedal is pressed down, the pedal types "i" causing VIM to go into Insert Mode. When released, it types <Esc> and you are back in Normal Mode.

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Abelardo Gonzalez

I have a pedal at home that I got from a photolab. I might have to do this with it.

almost 5 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  
Melanie Archer

Whoa. Can't wait to see the extensions and hacks if the hardware ever supports more capability.

almost 5 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  
Jared Brown

You just use your hands to code? Rookie!

It's a new level for vim gurus to aspire to.

almost 5 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  

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