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Nick Peelman

I like the potential of Metro on Windows 8, but like so many things, it seems like the developers behind Windows are still out of step with reality.

Metro on Windows Phone is svelte and awesome. Metro on the Xbox is well through out, and intuitive. Metro on Windows 8 is a disaster (so far).

Microsoft has proven time and time again that they can get things right. Windows Phone, the Xbox, Xbox Live, .NET, several of the enterprise pieces, etc. But their struggles in the Desktop OS market, and in the same vein, the Tablet market, defy that. They simply just keep #&$*ing it up.

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Phil Oliver

They should probably break themselves up into pieces and let the bad parts of the organization either get with it or die.

over 4 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  
Nick Peelman

I'm just gonna leave this here. Yeah.

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