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Apple managed to negotiate for iOS with Cisco. Microsoft rolls over on Metro and in its place picks a terrible replacement: "Windows 8-style UI".

Who in the hell is running these divisions?! I blame Ballmer as the root cause, but holy hell some of his lieutenants are just as if not more culpable.

Its puzzling to me that the word "Metro" is a trademark to the point that Microsoft isn't willing to contend with it. At least dub it "Metro UI" or something in official capacity. You can't control how people use it colloquially. How many municipal rail systems are called "Metro Rail" or something similar; is Metro AG not worried somebody will mistake those rail systems for being owned by them?

And seriously, you shouldn't be able to claim trademark infringement on any single word, in any language, without the context of presentation. Nobody is going to confuse the term for a user interface of an operating system with the German retail giant.

(via The Loop)

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Melanie Archer

It's puzzling that a huge, established company/frequent litigation target treats this as a surprise. As bland as "Metro" is, "New User Interface" is worse. How long before we're saying "NUI?"

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Nick Peelman

@Melanie: Updated the description with what started as a comment.

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Abelardo Gonzalez

Metro was an excellent name. Short, catchy, and described EXACTLY what it named. They should have done what Apple does: dig in and fight it. They've only failed a few times (rendezvous), and its definitely worth it for a good name.

It is funny karma-wise: MS did sue Lindows out of their name.

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