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The TextMate text editor has joined the esteemed ranks of MS Word and Netscape as head posts along the dangerous road of rewriting your code base.

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Phil Oliver

I think this misses a significant point. Rewriting all of the code at once means that crufty stuff accumulated over years. A better approach is steady improvement of sections over time. Eventually everything is rewritten, just not all at once.

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Abelardo Gonzalez

Careful that you don't forget about all the work around code that built up over the years if you do that though.

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Phil Oliver

But let's not lose sight of a fundamental motivation to rewrite code: to improve its functionality. "Grow or die." But if you try to change it all at once, it's effectively writing an entirely new program. (Sometimes that's exactly what should happen.)

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Jared Brown

I'm a huge proponent of iterative development. I would argue that writing an entirely new program is rarely if ever required. If that's the case then you should admit that your v1 was a prototype or that you had unskilled programmers building it.

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