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Chuck Killorin

This article reminds me of the "old" web, when we had to deal with 14.4 modems. When every K counted, and trimming bytes off an image made a difference. The mobile space is the new 1994.

over 4 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  
James Sanderson

I'm sure it won't surprise Jared in the least to hear me say this, but speed absolutely IS a feature!

@Chuck - "old web" nothing, and mobile nothing, front-end optimization is important for any website, and oft-overlooked!

over 4 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  
Jared Brown

Yes, James has shown me the light. You'd be surprised how big of a difference an extra 100 KB in payload can make in the user experience. This is still something that is very important and most likely will be for a long time to come.

over 4 years ago   Like_icon 0 likes  

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