Posted over 4 years ago

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Stephen Williams joins us to discuss his trials and tribulations working in software teams. We delve into what tools the team can utilize to communicate and coordinate efficiently. We talk about why you should be using tools like HipChat and Campfire if you’re not already. The episode also touches on important subjects like how to deal with technical disputes, if project managers are necessary, lazy team members and ways that you can put the team first.

Show notes

  • Dividing work within the team
  • Tools you use to coordinate or communicate with the team (HipChat, Flowdock, Campfire, IRC, IM, Email)
  • How to deal with a lazy or slacker team member
  • How to handle a technical disagreement
  • Personal philosophy for promoting team over self
  • Know when you are overwhelmed

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Stephen Williams

Thanks guys for inviting me to hangout ;)

over 4 years ago   Like_icon 2 likes  
Jared Brown

Always a pleasure sir

over 4 years ago   Like_icon 0 likes  
Stephen Williams

as a follow up... just got a fb update on my adroid. feeling much faster. in light of the link we discussed yesterday found that rather appropriate.

maybe they are listening.

over 4 years ago   Like_icon 1 likes  

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