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So you don't want multiple code bases, or you don't want to hire Java developers "just" for your Android app, or you're simply persuaded by a framework's winsome README--the reasons we think piping simpler code through a framework answers our mobile app requirements are many, and reasonable. Yet here are some grounds for reconsidering that strategy.

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Abelardo Gonzalez

All points entirely true. I do it anyway. :D

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Melanie Archer

@Abelardo--me too. I'd rather learn PhoneGap than Java.

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Abelardo Gonzalez

Oh, for android dev? haha... hahahaha.... hahahahahahaha..... dies laughing

I use PhoneGap because it lets me create things rapidly compared to objective-c where I need to keep track of so many things.

I've used PhoneGap on android, and for newer versions of android it does work fairly well. But if you want to maintain compatibility with more prevalent versions of Android in the 2.x variety, it can be summarized as a horrible experience I'd only wish on Facebook. :D.

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John Wood

What was facebook's main issue then? Was it only with android?

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Abelardo Gonzalez

I honestly think facebooks main problem was wanting someone to blame. You could seriously make a decent js app on iOS. You won't have some of the flashy animations that you can do in obj-c (at least, not in the way that obj-c can).

But the core FB app, the sluggishness, not receiving notifications, tapping one thing, and being sent somewhere else, etc. and the major things that caused, at least me, to hate the experience, were not/could not have been just js or HTML related.

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