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John Wood

Node works fine for simple cases. Anything involving slightly complex interactions with IO quickly becomes unmanageable because everything is async. In the enterprise, the priority is managing the complexity of business processes - node.js just wasn't built to solve that problem, and in fact is one of the worse tools for that. So I disagree...

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Thomas Wilson

Hey John,

We find nodejs to work like a glue between complex business processes.

More companies in our area are taking advantage of nodejs, not just startups, healthcare and government shops, but more for IO GLUE than for BDUF apps.

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John Wood

Hi Thomas, If you're concerned about integration of services that all expose JSON/REST, then I can understand how node.js may have a place, as a kind of coordinator. But it still doesn't solve its inherent unmanageability - caused by its (lack of) typing, async programming model, lack of proper encapsulation, simplistic exception handling, unhelpful syntax/runtime errors... I could go on. Ultimately there are far better tools out there to address such integration. IMHO async programming at the expense of manageability/reliability is a rare niche in the enterprise, not a priority for the majority of businesses.

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Patrick Thompson


"unhelpful syntax/runtime errors" is my biggest upset with node.js at the time really hard to debug and using Express with Jade should be a simple task but I find I make the simplest of mistakes and it takes an hour to debug.

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Joe Lippeatt

Its important to note that appfog benefits from the adoption of node.js in PaaS implementations. Also, their examples of production enterprise node.js systems are all small, limited function applications – not large-scale efforts where node.js does not have wide acceptance (yet?).

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