Dave Ross

Lead Developer at Straight North

Programmer, Designer, IT Professional

Lombard, IL


I tie together a team of front-end and back-end developers, designers, and UX practitioners to build websites. Personally, my work is mostly back-end PHP coding for Drupal & WordPress sites, with occasional theming & UX work as needed. I work with a team of SEO experts to help bring their plans to fruition. I work with social media specialists and content authors to deliver more engaging and interactive experiences.

When I go home, I volunteer at our local no-kill cat shelter and write WordPress plugins. Though my degree is in systems programming and I love writing code, I have a growing interest in the design side of the industry.

It all started with my 2nd grade teacher showing off an Apple II program she wrote in night school. I went to college (the first time) in 1995 dreaming of working on Unix operating systems for Sun or SGI before Linux & Windows 95 took over the OS world. The web was just becoming big, so I taught myself to build websites, not knowing what exciting things awaited me.

I've been programming since I was 6, and doing it professionally for thirteen years. For three years, I ran a PHP meetup group in suburban Chicago before merging with a more diverse programming group, the Fox Valley Computing Professionals.

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